Meet the certified instructor who will be working with your child.


Take a peak into how your child will be trained and the techniques used to train them.


"When our 2 year old daughter started ISR lessons we were a little unsure as to how she would progress for a couple of reasons; 1. She has a VERY willful sometimes uncooperative personality and 2. She had a history of using “floaties”, which we now know, teaches the child an unnatural, inefficient swimming posture.

The Instructor patiently explained to us that there may be some tears (and there were) but that these lifesaving skills are imperative. She explained that she was “communicating” with us and that this is very normal behavior when a child is presented with something new and challenging. We encouraged her through the tears, cheering and clapping as we watched our child learn to the “ISR way.

My husband and I were amazed at what we saw after 6 weeks! She could be placed in the water in any position and flip over to float, even with her clothes on! She would then roll over swim and roll back over!

While we know she must be constantly supervised around the water, we are grateful that we have another “layer of protection” to ensure her safety.


"Our son recently completed his ISR program. We are so thankful for the skills he learned in the water. He has always loved the water but was one of those little boys that “didn’t know what he didn’t know”! He was actually quite sure he could swim anywhere at any time, but this definitely was not true. The Instructor's way of calmly encouraging him and celebrating his accomplishments with a “high five” was just what he needed to succeed in the pool. He’s now swimming and floating all over the pool!"


"The instructor was truly amazing with our girls. It was a joy as a parent to watch them progress and to see how wonderful she was with them during their lessons."

"What an incredible experience! With warmer weather upon us I took our son (2) to a local pool, he was petrified. He was unsure and afraid and I was reluctant to push him through the tears so we saw no real improvement. That’s when my wife and I decided to send him to ISR lessons. Within 2 ten minute lessons ISR had him putting his face under the water and he started to relax and enjoy his time in the pool. He improved daily, and his confidence and capabilities continue to improve. He attended 5 weeks of ISR lessons and now is swimming like a fish! We are so pleased with our entire experience!"

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