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About ISR

A Little About Infant Swimming Resource

Infant Swimming Resource (ISR), with its Self-Rescue™ program, is nationally recognized as the safest provider of survival swimming lessons for infants and young children. The primary focus is on safety and effectiveness, and it is the world’s leading behavioral science based instructional program. ISR is the premier choice for parents who are dedicated to their child’s safety, education and developmental needs. ISR’s worldwide network of highly qualified, Certified Instructors has successfully delivered over 7 million safe lessons to infants and young children; resulting in our record of nearly 800 documented cases of a child utilizing ISR’s survival techniques to save their own lives. For more information on ISR, water and swim safety or to find an instructor in your area, please visit

ISR is the result of more than 45 years of research and development; making it an internationally recognized program with a specific mission on preventing childhood drowning through specialized aquatic survival training.

How ISR is different from other swimming programs-
“Not one more child drowns”

ISR’s focus is on drowning prevention and aquatic survival, not just learning to swim. Because, quite frankly, just knowing how to swim a few feet in the water is not necessarily going to save your child in an emergency situation.

Your child’s ability to survive an aquatic accident depends on his or her ability to orient themselves in the water, get a breath, and keep breathing until he or she can be rescued or can get out of the water on their own. A child who just learns to blow bubbles in the water, or who learns to paddle a few feet to Mom in the water, or worse yet, learns that “floaties” or rafts will keep him or her in an upright position will not have the skills necessary to survive if they fall into a body of water. While no child is “drown proof”—and all children must be effectively supervised—our experience has shown that the skills learned in ISR lessons; along with the parent education offers an additional layer of protection for your child’s safety.

It is important to keep in mind that ISR lessons go beyond traditional swimming lessons in the sense that your child will learn aquatic survival skills. They will learn to roll over onto their back to get a breath and remain floating until they’re rescued or if they’re older than one year they will be taught to continue the process of swimming and floating until they can locate an exit and get out of the water or until they’re rescued.

And most importantly, your child will learn these skills from a well-trained Instructor that will customize your child’s lessons to their emotional, physical and cognitive ability enabling your child to enjoy the water with competence and confidence.

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